April 1, 2011

Hello to a new month

Photo taken by me at San Clemente Pier
March was great but I have new goals for April. It's really true that time flies by or so it seems.If feels like its going tby slow but before you know it gone. 
Highlights of March:
  • 20 Days at the gym or doing P90X yoga
  • Surpassed my sales goals for Etsy 
  • Had my 1000th Sale on Etsy on March 31st
  • Planned a Cupcake Party for April 
  • Went to the beach to relax with Larry and the gnome
  • Made garlic knots for the 1st time 

All in all a very good productive month I would say. Being the person I am I always want to do more, make more and see more.

Here are my plans for April:
  • Scrapbooking tomorrow night for 6 hours with a friend of mine (The gnome is coming)
  • New branding for my shop (more to come on that)
  • New sales goals for my Etsy shop
  • Going to Las Vegas for a few days to have some much needed fun (The gnome is coming)
  • New goals for the blog - this blog is a whole new world to me and I want to make it the best it can be 
  • More time spent at the beach
Have a wonderful weekend :) 
Next week I will be sharing my new round business cards and more on branding.

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