April 5, 2011

To do list 4 • 5 • 11

I want to try and post my "To do list" once in a while. Its a good reality check and also nice to share whats going on around here. 

Here is a peak of my to do list this week, I have crossed off what I have completed since my last post. 
  • Wrap my aunt's birthday gifts so I can mail them out this week
  • Blog about my new round business cards (they came out fabulous)
  • We are leaving for Las Vegas on Sunday - I need to start packing
  • Go to Target to stock up on things for our Vegas trip (snacks, gum, lip gloss & such)
  • Finish etsy orders before I leave town
  • I need to put more Kleenex in my car (I have major allergies)
  • Start on my new business card design 
  • Start thinking of ideas for Easter cards
  • Make a chalk board sign - I have been seeing these round the blog and etsy world a lot. 
  • Buy dog treats. Yogi would not be happy if we ran out of treats.
*To do list notebook in photo is available on my etsy site.

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