June 14, 2011

Gnome Adventures: Legoland

Larry and I have talked about going to Legoland for 4 years almost as long as we have been together. We finally went on Sunday with my parents. I have to say it is more for the little kids but we are all kids at heart. We had a lot of fun, we did a couple rides, toured miniland USA and saw the aquarium.  

The entrance
Lunch time - The gnome was in the mood for pizza
Oh No -  A lego shark
The Star Wars exhibit was just done recently. All made from legos.
Larry + gnome + Star Wars characters
White house made from legos
Welcome to mini Las Vegas
Even the gnome looks big
Times Square
Rockefeller Center
Mount Rushmore
This guy is shorter than me!
The gnome underwater
Baby octopus - he is hanging out inside a mug
Nautilus Fish - These guys were really interesting
Larry is the "L" and I am the "O"

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  1. Hahaha!! I love the gnome underwater photo :) Very cute! Looks lik eyou guys had a blast!