June 21, 2011

Scrapbook Layouts

I went scrapbooking on Saturday night with my friend Cindy. We go to a local scrapbook store and we crop for 6 hours (6 p.m. to midnight) for a fee. The store is open so if we need supplies we can buy them and they provide snacks and prizes. Here are a few shoots of some pages I did.

This is a 12x12 with a grid already printed on it. I cut my  photos into squares and placed them on the page. Then I cut sold colors of matching cardstock to finish the look. The sign photo I kept as. I really liked how it came out but I would only want to do this time of layout once in while since it takes some time to cut the photos.
Close up view 
Larry's birthday dinner @ Rockin Baja in Newport beach. I took these 3 action shots and wanted a easy way to display them. This film strip idea seemed like best way to do it. I embellished the page with a crab embellishment and a little take out menu I grabbed at the restaurant.
This was my fun page of the night. I decided to print these beach photos in wallet size. I feel lately I need to mix it up. I normally just scarpbook 4x6 photos. This page has a lot of fun details - ribbons, bling, embellishments and even colored clips that look like they are holding the photo frame up.

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  1. I love the idea of cutting up a photo and putting it back with a little space between each piece! I'm definitely gonna have to try that. Love your nav-barless blog :)