August 15, 2011

My Lasik eye surgery

Don't worry you won't see anything bad or gross. I just wanted to share my experience and these funny photos Larry took of me when I got home.

My ultra cool sun glasses I had to wear home from surgery
I finally decided to get Lasik this year after months and months of problems with my contacts. At one point I had a extreme case of dry eye and had to wear my glasses for 3 days. That was my breaking point have wearing contacts for so many years to have function in the real world wearing my glasses was enough for me. I know this may sound extreme to some of you but I had just had enough. So I still had quite a few boxes of contacts left and some travel plans so I needed to wait later summer/fall.

In July I called to see how long it would take to get my consultation and such and turns out you can get it done pretty quickly if you choose. I went in July for consultation, they check your eyes to make sure you have the surgery. I am nearsighted (I can't see far way) and everything looked good. I made my appointment that day and just had to wait. You have to wear your glasses for 7 days before surgery so your eyes go back to normal from wearing contacts day in and day out. You also have to start putting in different kinds of eye drops 4 times a day a few days before surgery.

The day of: I wasn't really nervous until the day of. I mean you only get one pair of eyes. The fear of messing with my eyes was really scary. Larry drove me there and home. Seeing you would not want to drive after that. When I checked in I paid $$$ and more tests again just to make sure everything was still the same as before. Then you wait your turn for the laser. They give you a mild sedative before and after. While waiting they give you all your post op instructions.

My wonderful goggles I had to wear for 12 hours after surgery - yes I had to sleep in them
Time for the laser(s): Before I knew it was time to go into the "room". My surgery only took 9 minutes flat. Larry video recorded the whole thing! The crazy part is you can see everything that happening to your eye you just can't feel it. Thanks to numbing drops in my eyes. It really strange, I can't really describe it. I won't go into tall the details but lets say something I don't really want to do again.  It was scary but the dr. talks you through it you just can't move. Then the most interesting part was they take your photo directly after the surgery - no warning or anything. See photo below - that's me who looks like a deer in headlights.
Overall I am very happy I did it, to me it was worth the money. It's only day 3 after but it's great. You can see right after its done. Then you just go home and sleep for 12 hours (with goggles). My get super dry but that is about all the side effects I have had so far. More eye drops for months and some follow up eye appointments and thats it.

Email or leave a comment if you want more details or have questions.

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