September 16, 2011

Round here. . .business

It's been busy around here for business and I could not be happier. I have had couple great opportunities for Tiffzippy these last few weeks.

First: I contacted a local wedding shop. If I want to grow my business I needed to reach out into the marketplace other than online. The wedding shop said they would love to have my items in their shop! I was so excited, but then I got a little worried. That means I had to create inventory and quick. So Larry and I came up with a game plan and its all coming together. I hope to have my items on display by the end of September. Once I am in I will share photos and the shop information.

Second: A couple I know is having a Boutique Fair to raise money to adopt a child from China. They wanted Tiffzippy as a vendor. Again I could not be more excited. Its a local and it will be my first fair ever. Until now I have only sold online or to family and friends on the side.

Its a new and exciting times for the business. I am so excited to get my items in front of people in real life not just online. I am busy creating inventory, packaging design, wholesale sheets, catalogs and displays. It takes a lot of work to set up a shop under a tent in a parking lot!

I will start sharing photos of the process hopefully by next week. I have already started pinning ideas on Pinterest for display ideas.

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