October 13, 2011

Our Hot Air Balloon Ride

We finally had our hot air balloon ride on Tuesday! We had purchased the deal on Living Social over a year ago. We had been trying for months to do it but either the dates didn't work out or it was cancelled due to weather. We finally made it up in the air on Tuesday morning for sunrise. It was pretty cool to float over the vineyards in Temecula, CA. It's very peaceful and quite up in the air similar to parasailing.

We only went about 2.5 miles but went over a 1 mile high in the air. We were in the air for about 1 hour. I am happy we finally got to do it. It was a neat experience and another thing we can check of our list.
Filling the balloon up with air

Almost ready to go. Yes, I am dressed in about 4 layers of cloths since it's super cold in the morning.

Now for the heat to raise the balloon

We made it up just before the sunrise. It was breathtaking.

Our balloon shadow over some fruit trees.

A view of our balloon from inside the basket.
A shot of the area with the other balloons up that morning. Everyone takes photos of the
other balloons since you can't take photos of your own while your in it.

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