April 2, 2012

DIY Striped Easter Egg Card

I created this fun striped Easter card and wanted to show you how easy it was to make.

Finished card.

Supplies needed:
  • Stripes of card stock 2 shades of the same color (about 4 to 5 colors).
  • Blank card & envelope
  • Scissors
  • Egg shape (You can use any color of paper you have, your going to cover it up anyway.)
  • Adhesive
1: You will start to adhere the strips of paper to the egg.

2: Once the whole egg is covered you will want to trim the extra off the egg.

3: Once your egg is all cut you will want to start on the card. I added a extra strip at the top so my egg would be in the center of the card. The 2nd strip is the darker color of the strip that is one my egg.

Keep added the darker colored strips all the way down the card in the order that is on the egg. My strips are pretty close to the same width so they will match up once I put the egg on the card. I had a little extra space on the bottom as well so I just added another yellow strip.

Finished product: Just adhere your egg to the card.

A fun and colorful Easter egg card.

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