April 28, 2012

Small Business Check In

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I had posted my business goals back in December. I know 1st quarter has already pasted by, but I wanted to touch on what I have done so far.

  1. Create new/test products on regular basis. This is still a struggle with my day job and orders. Here and there I have created new products thanks to great customers asking for something not already created. It forces me to get have fun and create something new. 
  2. Streamline where I can. I created a new color chart with fewer colors. It has really cut down my trips to retail stores and getting small qty's of certain colors. These colors were not as popular and harder to find. I know I have had to say no to some customers asking for a color but overall it has really helped. If I don't have a color their the custom will go with a neutral or not. I am ok with this.
  3. Cutting costs. This also goes with #2 cutting down my paper choices has saved me time, gas and money. I have not seen a impact in sales because of it. I was afraid I would lose customers but you can't please everyone. 
  4. Making my name known. This is a work in progress. I had a friend of my (she is writer) create messaging for me to reach out to local vendors. I have yet to do it but I now have what I need to do it. It's on my ever growing to do list. If you know you need help with something ask for help. I know I am not a strong writer. I am thrilled with what she created and I am sure it will help get my name out there.

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