January 14, 2014

Gnome Adventures: Dublin, Ireland

Back in 2013 we took a week long vacation to Dublin, Ireland. Of course I brought the gnome, but he didn't make for 4 long days. He was safely packed away in my suitcase which didn't make it when I did. Everyone one else had their bag except me. It was a very long 4 days without a lot of my things and my gnome! Luckily thanks to my mom I had packed a few things in Larry's suitcase. When my bag did arrive (it went all the way to Germany to get Ireland for some reason) I jumped for joy in the hotel lobby! I did get to take the gnome on a few adventures before we had to leave.

*Remember to read the photo captions in a British accent.

Oh dear, I wonder how much postage will be.
Took the train to Waterford for the day.

Just relaxing on the bed watching the telly before bed.

Do you know what "Brown Sauce" is?

Eating a traditional Irish dinner of Guinness Stew, potatoes and a dark beer.

Its a wee bit chilly in Ireland.
Just waiting in the hotel lobby.

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  1. I love the gnome blog of Ireland.