March 14, 2011

Gnome Adventures - Joshua Tree

I would like to introduce you to the Gnome Adventures. Larry (my boyfriend) gave me the Travelocity Gnome for Christmas. I was so excited I love gnomes.

Here I am on Christmas when I opened him.

The first trip we made with our gnome was to Joshua Tree National Park. The landscape looks like your on a different planet. We drove up from Palm Springs just for the day. They have a short loop you can take by car around the park.
I found this rock with hole worn through it and he fit just on the other side. This is my favorite shot I took of him on the adventure.
I love how the color and lighting came out on this plant.
The view is breathtaking even with the fog/smog.
Larry and I at the look out point.
Look a rock just my size.
If you haven't noticed I love to take photos. Being a creative person and scrapbooker I like to take tons of photos to choose from when I get home.
*Please stay tuned. I will have a post later this week about our Sunday Gnome Adventure to the beach.

All photos shown were taken by me. If you use a photo, please link back to this site to provide credit.

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