March 10, 2011

Meet Yogi

Meet my dog Yogi. He is a 3 year old malitpoo (Maltese poodle mix).He fun and lovable little dog. I couldn't ask for a better dog. He is not your average white maltipoo which I like. He is a mix of gray and brown. He was much more brown as puppy but his hair changed as he got older. He still has some brown in his ears. He is a very good sport and lets me put shirts and Halloween costumes on him. I think he kinda likes it.

This photo is yogi in a nutshell.
This one was taken a couple years ago.
Here is Yogi at only at couple months old. This is my favorite photo of him.
He looks like a little stuffed toy, he only weighted 2 lbs.
Out for walk.
We always use a harness so we don't pull on his neck.
Yogi was a pirate for his 1st Halloween.
Yogi was a cowboy/horse for his 2nd Halloween.

Last but not least - Santa Yogi.

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