April 20, 2011

Before and After DIY - Home decor GIANT Clothespin

I found this super cool GIANT unfinished wood clothespin on clearance at Urban Outfitters. It was only a few bucks so I had to buy it. Actually I bought 2 of them but only took photos of one of them. One is my home on shelve you see right when you walk in our door. The other is on my desk in my cube at my full time job.
Before: unfinished wood
Middle: I painted it purple with 2 coats of craft paint.
If I would have done a base coat first I would have only needed 1 coat of purple.

After I finished painting I decided it needed something else. I put these cardstock embellishments on each side. I ran them through my sticker maker and just put them on. They stuck fine to the craft paint.  I didn't put a sealer on them, I like look of the matte paint.

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