April 28, 2011

Brides Magazine. . .A little birdie told me

I love when little surprises light up your life. This little surprise was really quite nice and if not for a wonderful customer of mine telling me about it I would have never known.

Here is how the story goes. I had a customer contact me about some birds for her wedding. We emailed back and for a few times. Toward the end of one of the emails she said: Someone probably already told you but your birds are in Brides Magazine this month. I think my heart skipped a beat! I emailed her back saying that no one had told and could she tell me what issue and details. They were in the May issue. I found out before it hit newsstands because she subscribed to the magazine. I had to wait around 5 days until I could finally get my hands on the magazine yesterday. I finally stopped calling Barnes & Noble because they probably thought I was stalking them!

While on my lunch break yesterday I stopped by the grocery store just to see and there it was. I was pretty excited to see them in print. I didn't let myself get to excited in case they really weren't mine so I went back and checked my sold orders and its true I did sell the bride the birds last year. 

The article is about her wedding style and her wedding looked wonderful. I didn't get mentioned as a vendor but they did mention etsy. Even though "Tiffzippy" was in article I still think its pretty cool my birds were included in the magazine! 

My blue birds in the May issue of Brides Magazine.
She used them as place cards and attached to a clothes line with clothespins.

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  1. I'm the bride you sold your little birdies to! I just want you to know what a great addition they were to my wedding. I also want you to know several vendors were not listed :( Including myself... I just wanted to take a minute to confirm that YES they are yours and I love love love your shop. Thanks again for your help and your little blue birds. alisha