May 19, 2011

Branding: Before and After

As you saw last week, I had some new business cards made. When it's time to get new business cards sometimes its time for a whole new look. When I looking online for a business card prices I saw GotPrint had new shaped cards. I knew when I saw the circle design that was going to be my new card. It fits my business perfectly since I create die cuts. This was the 1st stepping stone to re-branding my whole my business.

Before - These were the cards I had made 1 year ago
I used my new business card design to redesign all my business identities. Etsy shop graphics, blog graphics, Facebook & Twitter graphics. Everything online and offline should match.

I used the same elements of my old design but freshened it up and making it a little more simple with just one design element - retro star as I like to call it. I also used the same font. I already had rubber stamps made with the font that I use for my return address & thank yous. The circle card is already a feature in it's self so I didn't feel like I needed a whole lot more. I kept the same color palette as the old look but made the green color my accent color (Green also happens to be my favorite color).

I will be sharing photos of my rubber stamps and packaging  in another upcoming post on branding.

After - Circle business cards

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  1. oh wow! fabulous business cards...I will have to check out that site cards seem great to include on Etsy orders especially...with packaging, etc...very cool!