May 23, 2011

Gnome Adventures - Sioux City, IA - home

I went home to Sioux City, IA a couple weeks ago. I went back for a couple reasons - 1st my cousin Krissi graduated college (the same college I went to) and 2nd - to say goodbye to my childhood home. My dad has retired and they are moving out to California. Which means selling the home in Sioux City. I had a wonderful time back home. I know I will always go back, I just don't know how often. Of course to document my trip the gnome came with me to some of my favorite places.

When I come home my parents are always at the airport waiting with a balloon.
This was the 1st thing I saw walking up to meet them.

I mostly took the gnome with me while I ate my way through Sioux City. This is a local pizza place I love.

Pizza and bread sticks. They make their bread sticks with bacon bits on top - yummy :)

A different day we went to Tastee Inn ~ Out. Yes you did read the sign correctly - "Meat To Go"
Tastee is a loose meat sandwich. They don't make those out in California.

Krissi and I out on the town to celebrate her graduation.
My family threw a early birthday party for me.

We had Morningside Pizza - another fav pizza place. I guess I really love pizza.
My aunt Nancy, superman (dog) and the gnome.
Hi - Nancy's students :) She met the gnome.
My parents and I.
The homestead

The gnome came along with me while I took hundreds of photos of the house (Inside and out).

My playhouse my dad built me in the very early 80's. He let me pick the color.
Lime green was my fav color back then. I still love green.

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