May 4, 2011

Free Printable Mom mini note cards

Mother's day is just a few days away. Tell your mom the little reasons why you love her with these mini note cards.They are a just a little bigger than business card size (2" x 3.5"). You will receive 8 cards each with a different color boarder. 

There are four different prompts:
  • Mom you ROCK because. . .
  • Mom I love you because. . .
  • Mom you are the best because. . . 
  • Mom enjoy this day because. .
Download the pdf  • print on cardstock • write why you love your mom

Fun ideas:
  • Place around the house for her to find through out the day (Purse, book, flower pot, kitchen table, etc)
  • Attach to her gift(s)
  • Put a couple in with her card (or make card using these)
  • Go right up to her and hand them to her

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