September 6, 2011

Hearst Castle

Our next stop around Cambria was Hearst Castle. I heard about the castle but didn't really know the whole story about the Hearst family. Larry and I didn't buy tickets in advance we just showed at the BIG visitors center at the bottom of the hill. While we waited for our time we watched the 40 min long movie about the Hearst family and the castle. It was actually really informative. It was nice to see the movie first then go to the castle. I was not a huge fan of the castle like some but its still pretty cool to see. Just to think of how hard it would have been to get materials and works all the way up there in the 1900's.

We only did one tour of the downstairs main rooms. The tour of the inside only lasted about 40 mins then we could explore the grounds and just hop back on one of the buses when we were done.

The day we went was super foggy so we didn't get to see the amazing views but I can only image on a clear day how cool it would be look out and see the hills and ocean from that castle.

Here are a few photos but of course I took tons you find the rest on flickr here.

Front door
Love the vintage ketchup and mustard bottles
Main Hall

Neptune Pool

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