September 2, 2011

A Horseback Ride

I have never been horseback riding before. It one of things I have been meaning to do the last couple of years. When our friends that were getting married they created a website listing some local tourist ideas. I saw they had listed a local horse ride company and we had to do it.

We booked a sunset horseback ride around the hills by the ocean. Well the night we did the ride the weather had a different idea. Thick fog had decided to roll in off the ocean. We could barely see about 20 feet in front of us. It was actually very peaceful and calming. Which was good since I had never been on a horse in my life before. I of course got the crazy horse. Larry's horse just wanted to stop and eat the whole time (haha).

I would not recommend a hilly trail for a first horse ride. Flat land would have been a much better choice. Seeing my bum still hurt two weeks after the ride! I would say I am not meant to be on  horse but I am really glad we did. I am pretty short to it was hard for me to get "comfortable".

This captures exactly what it was like.

We when got back Larry's horse when straight for the water.
He was thirsty after all snacking he did on the trail.



  1. wow, Larry rode a horse. He's getting around the animal Kingdom lol

  2. i totally agree with you! my husband took me horseback riding for my birthday last year and i guess he thought "rainforest ride" sounded nice but essentially we trotted UP and the DOWN a mountain.

    i don't actually know what was more frightening, going up or coming down!

  3. Yes! Going up or coming down were both scary and hurt! Thank you for reading :)