February 14, 2012

Detour Adventure

We went to Palm Springs for a little getaway this weekend. It was nice and relaxing until Sunday. When we were getting ready to leave I checked sigalert. Which if your not in California its a website that shows you how the traffic is moving on the freeways.

When I looked online this is what I saw - RED. Red is not good. Red means you are stopped or going the speed of snail. That red on the map belows equals 3 to 4 hours to go 16 miles. That's right - 16 miles. Out of the 110 miles we needed drive to home.
Since the freeway was no longer a option to get home, instead we took highway 74 which is the mountain pass two lane road. Normally we wouldn't take this since the freeway is faster (if not red). It only took us 2.5 hour to get home this way. Which was great, around our normal drive time but you don't get views like this from the freeway. The mountain pass has tons of switchbacks and not a easy drive but it was a nice clear day. Well worth it on this day but not everyday.

Palm Springs is down there in the valley.

Photos taken with my iPhone.

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