May 25, 2011

Branding + Business: Part 2 Packaging

I wanted to continue to talk about my business re-branding. This round is about the customer experience with packaging.

I had 3 custom stamps made:
1: My return address in the same matching font on my business card.It is so much more cost effective then printing labels on my home printer all the time.

2: The address block. If you are like me I can't write in straight line unless I have lines so I had a stamp made.I made it with 4 lines since international addresses are at least for 4 lines.

3: Thank you stamp. I place this cute circle stamp on every item package that goes out.

6x9 Kraft envelope stamped - most of my orders are mailed in these.
I buy these kraft envelopes in bulk online.

Packaged product. All items are placed in cellophane bags with a business card.
On the front side I attach my branded Thank you circle.

All cellophane bags are purchased in bulk online. I use 3 different sizes.

The "Thank you" stamp matchs the idea of the round business card and also use the same font.
The fun thing is I can use any color card stock to change the look.

I try and mail everything from home if at all possible (saves on mileage and gas). I have a small shipping scale (purchased on ebay) and buy different stamp values at the post office. That way if a package is under $2.00 to mail I can mail it from home. I also get to use fun stamps you don't normally see.

Now you see what the custom sees. Everything matches all the way from online until they get the package in the mail.

Vendors used for stamps:

If you missed the 1st post you find it here.

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